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Evidence-based, brief structured Psychotherapy

Scientifically grounded, cautious Psychopharmacology

Mindful Psychiatry – less struggle with suffering, more valued living

At Mindful Psychiatry I am determined to help my patients overcome anxiety, depression, and many other life problems so that they can live richer, fuller and more meaningful lives. My approach is very active and collaborative, as I engage with my patients’ personal values and specific life situations. Rather than simply helping people to feel better, I aim to help them live better.

Life is hard.  Stress, anger, pain, anxiety, depression all get in our way sometimes. These things can cause problems in our lives, our work, relationships, in the way we feel about ourselves, and in our physical health. I provide mindfulness-based psychotherapy and carefully use behavioral pharmacotherapy for people who are struggling with such problems. I strive to help people live better, to be more fully alive, more present to each moment, and more accepting. I help people to clarify what matters most in their lives and to gently return to more valued living.

I work with adults struggling with Depression, all forms of Anxiety including general, social, panic, PTSD, OCD and phobias, also Alcohol and other Addictions, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Anger, Grief, School or Job Stress, Life Crises, Chronic Pain and Chronic Medical Illness, and Life Transitions & Personal Growth.

My main approach to psychotherapy is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which is a modern form of cognitive-behavior therapy. ACT works towards empowering people to step up to life’s challenges, overcome difficulties, and attain a purposeful and meaningful life. ACT has a rapidly growing scientific evidence base supporting its effectiveness with many mental health problems.

I provide expert pharmacotherapy, or drug treatment, by constantly updating my critical reading of the scientific psychopharmacology literature. Whilst certain medications can be of great benefit to some patients in specific situations, we are increasingly learning of  the relatively limited effectiveness of most drug treatments over the medium and especially longer term, and potentially serious adverse effects.

Many if not most common beliefs about psychiatric drugs have been carefully created by sophisticated marketing campaigns, rather than reflecting the scientific facts. Whilst I carefully prescribe medications as indicated, most patients prefer not to be taking neurochemistry altering drugs every day long term. I often work collaboratively with patients to carefully wean medications as they become increasingly skilled at effectively handling difficult thoughts and feelings by practicing key ACT skills.

Respecting diversity is a central concern as I help patients gently let go of their struggle with suffering and move toward ever more personally valued living. I strive to adapt my treatment approach to each patient’s unique values and cultural background. Please contact via enquiry page to see if I can be of service.